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Heath Factory Tour, Sausalito

It's been a while since we've had a weekend where I'm not scrambling trying to meet a work deadline. Our friends invited us to join them in taking the Heath Factory Tour in Sausalito. Being a long time admirer and owner of some of the perfectly weighted and smooth matte finished mugs and bowls, I was excited to finally make our way over to see where all the magic happens.

As an amateur potter, I've spent the last year and half getting myself acquainted and comfortable with the throwing wheel. The organic nature of moving mud around in your hands until it becomes a vessel is a truly humbling and addicting experience. Seeing what a commercial production of ceramics looks like was extremely eye opening. Can't wait until I can jump into the glaze making one day~

Jessica Huang
At home with Urbanism Designs

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of photographing the warm and beautiful midcentury modern home of Pamela Lin, principal of Urbanism Designs and overall super woman. It's rare to come across someone so talented and so passionate yet so humble and down to earth. Her love for design is endlessly inspiring. Can't wait to see what she does next.

Check out this Dwell article on this amazing lady featuring some photos from our collaboration shoot.


Finn Julh's House at Ordrupgaard

One of the most memorable place I've been to, Finn Julh's house. New to European modern design, I immediately felt captivated stepping through the wall of shrubbery into the front yard. Inside, each and every object had its place and was carefully curated. The tone from the wall to the ceilings were muted and pale. What struck me the most were the pops of color throughout, from a neon fuchsia rug, to the blue love seat beside a garden view, to striking green dining chairs, all the colors seemingly drawn from the painting in the living room by Vilhelm Lundstrom, a Danish modernist painter who introduced French Cubism to Denmark. And a wonderfully turquoise rug by Anna Thommesen